EARTHLINGS - Narrated by Joaquin Phoenix. Music by Moby.
Watch online - "For those who watch EARTHLINGS, the world will never be the same." - Tom Regan
ALF Actions World-wide -- ALF / AR activities categorized by country.
Leona Lewis - Run (A.L.F. Tribute) "A video compilation I did as a tribute to the brave men & women who risk their own freedom to save animals from living hell." 
Illustrated Guide to Animal Liberation

AR Philosophy: Step-by-step presentation

No-kill Animal Shelters;
Free and Low Cost Spay and Neuter listed by US State

From Laura Moretti - The Animal Rights & Vegan Calendar
A global listing of humane events around the world:
Animal Rights Encyclopedia - Free to Reproduce

Activism - How to help the animal liberation movement

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The Rescue of Britches (more here)

El Rock del Torero - Lyvon
Cries Britches Reaches 100,000 YouTube visits

The Difference He Made - poem

How Animal Liberation Will Benefit Human Rights
Download ALF Banners & Graphics
Veganism Is Not Dogmatic
Short documentary contrasting the actions of the ALF with
Thoreau's ideals on Civil Disobedience. The ALF and Civil Disobedience.

Animal Instinct
By Dorothy Hayes

In this fictional expose, a journalist lands her dream job in the animal rights movement to find that her boss is a tyrant and the movement is fractured.

"Animal Instinct is a fast-paced pleasure to read. It will ring true with animal rights advocates," Ann Berlin, The ALF.

Paperback, $15.95,, Order at bookstores.

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