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Croatian ARAs wanted by the police because of an anti-dairy protest

On the manifestation called "Milk Night", on Friday, August the 26th on
the Festival �pancirfest in Vara�din (Croatia), activists from the
initiative Stop speciesism showed the other side of the milk and dairy
industry - the side of the truth, and the side that is painful for the
victims - non-human animals. Although milk and dairy products are
presented as something worth celebrating and something that brings joy
and fun for the whole family, it is shameful that the truth is being
covered with such advertisements, which hide the truth about
exploitation, torture and killing of non-human animals.

The activists, Mariana Cerovecki and Mato Kutlic, who were wearing cow
costumes, went on the main stage where a show that glorifies milk was
occuring, and threw red paint all over the floor, while holding two
signs that said "Drinking non-human secretions is perverted" and "Milk
and dairy products are products of torture, abuse and murder".

The activists were peacefuly standing on the stage, and after about 10
minutes were removed from the stage by a guard.

The police is currently "searching" for the activists, although the
whole action is public and every detail, including photos and full names
of the activists are published on the website of the Initiative Stop

This is another example of the injustice we live in, because the
activists are being accused of violating public peace and order, while
the dairy industry is the one that is violating peace by torturing,
exploiting and killing other animals.

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