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Activists sabotaged a fishing tournament in Croatia

Sunday, 10/02/2001., on the river Sava near Oprisavci, on the big fishing tournament, activists from the initiative Stop speciesism came to the tournament and sabotaged the event by throwing little rocks in the water, and scaring the fish away so that the fishermen could not catch them. At the same time, the activists gave a clear message to the fishermen that they will not just stand peacefully and watch as they kill and torture living creatures.

The fishermen were extremely violent, attacking activists and hitting them in the head and body, insulting them and threating to kill them, throw them in the water, etc.

The video from the event can be seen here: 

Photos from the action can be seen here:

The fishermen have once again proved that fishing is not a sport, but just a pathetic way of inflicting pain and violence upon innocent creatures.

Fishermen claim that they love their victims, which is absurd, because we don't kill, eat and torture those that we love and respect. Fishes are, like all other animals, living and sentient beings, who feel pain, and torturing and killing those who feel pain is nothing more but violence, so fishing can be only referred to as - violence.

Our message to the fishermen is to stop fishing and find a real hobby or start playing real sports, such as football, basketball, handball... Or, to sharpen up their brains a bit and start playing chess, or to replace fishing poles with books.

Most of the individuals that die for our consumption are fishes. So great is the quantity of bodies that they are counted by the tonne instead of by the individual, which makes it difficult to calculate just how many die. Despite the numbers in which they are caught and how they are regarded, fishes are individuals with the capacity to experience pleasure and pain, as confirmed by numerous scientific studies. According to Huntiford (2002), fishes have senses for detecting stimulation of pain, and cerebral mechanisms which process the stimulation and provoke negative physical responses. As a result, their interests are just as important as those of any other animal – human or not. Many different methods are used to catch fishes for our consumption, and all involve their suffering and death. Fishing nets used by industry boats, just as the fishing rods and hooks used by anglers, cause them a slow and painful death. Victims of commercial fishing nets tend to die of suffocation, crushed under the weight of the other fish or frozen in the boat’s cooling chambers. On fish farms they die after a life of suffering due to the crowded conditions they are subjected to, and the prevalence of parasites and infections.

The initiative Stop speciesism sends a message that every creature has the right to live, including fishes, and that animals are not here for us to eat them, drink their secretions, wear their skin, leather, wool, feathers or silk, test on them, use them for entertainment or exploit them in any way.

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