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From: Animal Friends Croatia
For the first time in Croatia: punishment of imprisonment
for torturing and abusing companion animals!
Five months of imprisonment for dog torturer!
January 27, 2006

The judge, Ms Jasna Zoretic, made a historic decision today, punishing Mr Ostoja Babic with five months of imprisonment, who on Saturday, 4 December 2004, beat up his dog simultaneously stabbing his dog in the head and body with a half-meter long iron bar, a pitchfork and an axe for one hour. One of the policemen mercifully shot the fatally injured dog, which, according to the neighbors' testimony, was screaming in pain.

This decision is a precedent in Croatia, since no one up until now was sentenced for torturing companion animals with the punishment of imprisonment. Namely, the Animal Welfare Act of Croatia doesn't have penal provisions for killing an animal without any reason, inflicting pain or suffering to it.

This is a great success, because the maximum penalty according to the Criminal Act, which is the only act in Croatia that punishes torturing of animals, is six months.

Animal Friends Croatia reacted to this evil deed by staging a home demo in front of Ostoja Babic's house and by launching a petition for which more than 2,400 signatures were collected in less than a week, which our organization handed to the State Attorney of the City of Zagreb. We demand the change of the Animal Welfare Act which should, except high penalties for torturers and killers of animals, also contain a permanent ban on keeping any animal for such people.

Animal Friends Croatia

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