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Rights groups halt plan to kill diseased dogs

Buenos Aires, Aug 3 (IANS/EFE) Argentine officials have dropped their plans to kill over 1,000 diseased dogs in southern Neuquen city after animal rights groups protested the move.

City councilors had announced to kill some 1,100 dogs infected with a bacterial disease.

Beginning Monday, some 220 dogs would have been killed daily.

Dogs transmit the Leptospirosis disease through urine. It was detected after two people were infected with the disease a month ago in Neuquen, some 1,100 km south of Buenos Aires.

However, the government has now dropped its slaughter plan and would instead neuter the dogs and put up for adoption. Dumpsites, where these dogs lived, are being sanitized.

“There’s no way we’re going to kill those dogs. Several councilors have misspoken in the matter,” municipal spokesman Fernando Banchio told EFE Monday.

Animal rights groups had staged demonstrations across the country this weekend to protest the decision.


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