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Coqui Montiel: A One-Woman Dynamo

From: Earle Bingley
Sent: Wednesday, November 10
Subject: Coqui Montiel; Someone very special


Dear Friends:

I have been an animal activist for more than 60 years and in all that time I have never met anyone like Coqui Montiel who operates the Eagle�s Nest Sanctuary in Argentina.

Last week when I spoke to her on Skype about Angelita, (who needs a spinal operation), she asked me if we had enough money in Pay Pal to pay for the operation. Regrettably, I had to tell her no.

Today she sent me an e-mail from a cyber-caf� telling me she has decided to go without creature comforts because Angelita's operation is more important. Coqui is without gas, electricity, and no Internet. Coqui tells me not to worry as the police will keep an eye on the shelter during the lightless nights, so we won't have to worry about break-ins, but how can I not worry. Coqui is willing to give up anything just to save the life of a dog that she rescued from certain death.

Today I received an e-mail from a lady on Facebook saying she would like to help us, but she sends 100 dollars every month to PETA, an organization that spends millions each year on getting donations. I found that very sad.

It is my hope that we can somehow, raise enough money to pay our outstanding food and vet bills, and to let Coqui know that she is someone special�my goal is to raise at least three to four thousand dollars.

Please send this to all of your friends asking them if they can help.

Coqui is a grand person and deserves more help than she is getting now.

I thank you in advance and wish you well,


Earle Bingley.

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