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19 Hens Rescued From Cheeky Chicken Hell
May 25, 2005

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On Monday (23rd May) activists gained entry to Cheeky Chicken in Papakura and removed 19 hens. Contrary to the huge smiling chicken that adorns the front of the farm, the birds trapped inside tiny cages were anything but happy. The conditions were disgusting and the birds were in poor condition with many suffering huge feather loss.

All hens have been placed in loving homes where they are enjoying the sun and freedom for the first time in their lives. They will never again endure suffering for human greed and profit.

The Cheeky Chicken Directors can be contacted at:

Maureen Ann and Robert John VAN TIEL
45a Arana Pt Drive, R D 2, Drury
Maureen Cellular phone 0-27-274 7968

The Cheeky Chicken
137 Airfield Rd Papakura Auckland
0-9-297 7687