Animal rights activists, including one saturated in fake blood, staged a rowdy protest outside a conference of animal researchers in Melbourne's CBD today.

Animal Liberation Victoria (ALV) rallied outside the annual Australian and New Zealand Council for Care of Animals in Research and Testing (ANZCCART) conference at the Hotel Rendezvous in Flinders Street.

About 11.50am (AEST) some 30 demonstrators began chanting "Animal Research is a crime" and waving placards reading "Animal Violence Bad Science" and "Ban Animal Testing".

Activist Jamie Yew, dressed only in a white sheet covered in fake blood, was strapped to a vivisection board - a table used to dissect animals - her arms outstretched in a crucifixion pose.

She was highlighting what ALV deplores as "unnecessary and cruel" animal testing.

ALV spokeswoman Danielle Archer said six million animals were used every year in Australia for testing and research.

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