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'Blackbird' strikes at Canberra egg farm

Australia, March 2012

A raid on an egg farm in Canberra's north by animal activists has reignited the debate over the use of battery hens in the ACT.

Activists forced entry into the Parkwood Egg Farm, owned by Pace Farm, in Macgregor, between 11pm Monday and 6am yesterday.

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Police will attempt to trace a YouTube user who posted a video of a damaging raid on a battery-hen farm in Macgregor overnight.

There are no witnesses to the raid in which animal rights activists allegedly destroyed grading and packaging equipment, causing substantial damage and halting production at the farm.

The Parkwood Egg Farm, owned by Pace Farm Pty Ltd, is the only territory facility to use battery cages. The manager of the facility discovered the damage at 6am. It is believed the offender forced entry through a locked gate.

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