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40 Hens Rescued
April 2006

ACTIVISTS opposed to the battery farming of hens have broken into an animal enclosure on the NSW Central Coast and released dozens of chickens.

About 20 members of Animal Liberation NSW snuck into chicken sheds on the Morisset property late today and released 40 hens from their small wire cages, group spokeswoman Kristianna Brydon said.

Ms Brydon said the activists, wearing Easter Bunny ears, wanted to highlight the inhumane conditions in which chickens were kept for laying eggs.

She said hundreds of chickens were being kept at the property in overcrowded conditions, often five or six to a cage the size of an old-style television set.

"We rescued about 40-odd chickens and recorded video footage to highlight the plight of the way these chickens are treated," Ms Brydon said.

"We want to show people that these hens don't have a life, and we want to give people an opportunity to rethink buying battery eggs.

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