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Animals Australia Placed Ads in All Major Newspapers

This is a week (Feb 2, 2011) the dairy industry will not soon forget.

Animals Australia placed newspaper ads in all major papers on Thursday, exposing the dairy industry's callous treatment of 'bobby' calves - born only to keep their mums producing milk and discarded as waste products at just 5 days old. These babies often spend the last hours of their short lives cold and scared, and - if the dairy industry gets their way - legally starved of food for up to 30 hours.

The public exposure of dairy's dark secret immediately attracted nationwide attention. Newspaper stories and radio discussion soon followed.

And tonight - Channel 10's prime-time panel show, the 7PM Project, is scheduled to air a special feature on the little-known plight of these forgotten calves.

This story will air at a most critical time in our campaign. The public consultation on the dairy industry's shameful '30 hours off feed' standard closes tomorrow (Feb 3rd). If you haven't yet, please send a short e-mail to expressing your opposition to the proposal to legally deny food from bobby calves for up to 30 hours. Or click here for more detailed information.

Whether you've shared our video with your friends, donated to our campaign, taken part in our Facebook challenge, or are choosing calf-friendly alternatives to dairy - our heartfelt thanks go to you for helping Animals Australia to demand a kinder future for bobby calves.

Please encourage your friends and family to tune in to the 7PM Project on Channel 10 tonight, and drop by our website to share your thoughts after the show - we'd love to hear from you!

For the bobby calves,

Lyn White
Campaign Director

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