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Beef association brands anti-meat ads scaremongering
Beef association brands anti-meat ads scaremongering
Wednesday, 22/04/2009

The Australian Beef Association has slammed a television advertisement calling on people to become vegetarians.

A meditation group, called Ask More Now, has spent more than half a million dollars on a national advertising campaign, which states livestock production is one of the top three greenhouse gas emitters.

The group claims a vegetarian with a huge 4-wheel drive is more environmentally friendly than a meat eater on a bicycle.

But ABA vice-president Linda Hewitt says the group can't be taken seriously.

"This is scaremongering and everyone knows the farming sector of the world is getting smaller and doing things much more intensively and much more cleverly and much more ecologically friendly anyway," she says.

"These guys are just pitching a line against well-mannered decent people who really won't fight back."


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