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ARAs Refused Admission to Spot-Inspect a Piggery

FORTY-FOUR animal activists from around Australia were yesterday refused admission to do what they described as a spot inspection of a North-East piggery.

Animal activist and group spokeswoman Emma Haswell said that the group wanted to perform a spot inspection on the piggery because of concerns for the conditions under which the pigs were being kept.

"We'd all had foot baths, had our temperatures taken and were wearing bio-suits to ensure we posed no risk to the animals," she said.

"Animal Liberation NSW president Mark Pearson introduced himself to the farmer who refused to give his permission for a spot inspection, saying we should return in 24 hours.

"A lot of people don't realise the conditions these animals - considered by scientists to be as intelligent as a four-year-old child - live in.

"They spend much of their lives in steel and concrete crates the size of their bodies."

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