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In the birthplace of Peter Singer they take animal protection seriously. In many regards the protectionists in Australia lead the world in defining the movement. Many animal protection organizations are having difficulty making clear to the general population exactly what their mission statement entails. The news media exacerbate the confusion. In many countries the general population is still largely apathetic towards animal protectionists, and activists in these locales see precise definitions as much ado about piddle.

But in Australia there is need now for better clarity regarding which organizations support actions that are welfarist, rightist, strategically non-violent (eg: open rescues), and direct actions that value animals lives over property (eg: ALF actions).

Actions and organizations don't always fall cleanly into one category. And activists often disagree on how best to achieve the various goals. Here are some explanations of these terms (comments are encouraged):

Animal Rights Vs. Animal Welfare

Nonviolence - Strategic Nonviolence for Animal Liberation

Australian protectionist actions are divided into three categories. Organizations that primarily support that type of action will be noted.

1. Animal Protection Welfare Actions - Protests, Laws, and News stories.

2. Animal Protection Open Rescues

3. Animal Liberation Actions


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