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Woolworths Will Reduce Reliance on Cage Eggs

[Melbourne Herald Sun]

BATTERY hens may become a thing of the past with a supermarket giant signalling a shift to free-range eggs.

Woolworths will reduce its reliance on cage eggs by almost halving to 11 the number of brands it sells.

The move is expected to speed up a consumer-driven switch to free-range and barn-laid eggs.

The average price of a dozen cage eggs in Victoria is $4.50 compared to free-range eggs at $6.50.
Animal Liberation spokesman Mark Pearson said any change by a retail giant such as Woolworths was a positive step in pushing Australia to ban caged hens.

"They are sending a huge signal to the industry that it is inevitable battery cages will be relegated to the scrap heap of history and that's because of what the consumer wants," he said.

Victorian Farmers Federation egg group president Brian Ahmed said slashing the sale of cage eggs in supermarkets would remove consumer choice.
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