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SARAH Wade was 10 and at school in the British Midlands when she first saw the video that set her on the path to animal liberation.

"It was a video about pig farming and even though it wasn't about the intensive farming that happens today, I distinctly remember seeing the pigs being loaded on the truck to the slaughterhouse and the voice-over saying it was the only time they would see the light of day," she said.

"And I knew it wasn't right."

Young Sarah marched home, announced she was becoming a vegetarian and has been promoting animal welfare ever since, giving up dairy first, then eggs, and then finally becoming a complete vegan when she moved to Australia two years ago.

"I don't think I'd even heard about vegetarianism when I came home that day," she said.

The Kirribilli resident is the chief organiser of the fourth Cruelty Free Festival, an annual event organised by the charity Animal Liberation at Belmore Park in Haymarket on Sunday, November 1.


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