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A New Era for Animals in Australia

January 13, 2012

With more Australian's seeking kinder lifestyles and turning away from animal cruelty, the announcement today of a new animal sanctuary in Queensland is causing much celebration by those who work so hard campaigning for animals.

Farm Animal Rescue's new 55 acre base of operations just outside Brisbane, will incorporate a 45 acre sanctuary, 8 acres of native rainforest dedicated to wildlife, an education centre, cabins, campgrounds and office space for Farm Animal Rescue staffers

With its origins in the States, support for this slice of heaven has already been shown with the first ever "Walk for Farm Animals" events in Australia. Held in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane with 60 people attending.

Brad King, Founder says "We were overwhelmed by the support, generosity and compassion of everybody who attended and are very much looking forward to the walks that will be occurring in four cities next year. I am delighted to let you know that over 60 people who supported the Walks raised almost $2,700 for farm animals and that over 500 Why Vegan leaflets were distributed to interested people that we passed."

Brad advised Farm Animal Rescue will not only be taking in and caring for a plethora of neglected and "used up" factory farm animals, but will campaign against the treatment of farm animals at sale yards. "We believe that this is an important campaign as it goes to the heart of how government and industry work together to ensure that standards for farm animal welfare in Australia remain poor. If people wish to choose to use animal products for food and clothing products, the welfare standards that apply to these animals should be clear so that consumers understand the real cost of their dairy, egg and meat products."

Farm Animal Rescue will continue to fight for Government to acknowledge the truly appalling state of farm animal welfare in Australia. This will allow consumers better to determine whether their choice of animal products for dinner is really worth the pain, misery and deprivation of millions of animals.

For the animals

Jaylene Musgrave
Vegan Warriors
Media Manager & Director, Farm Animal Rescue Australia

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