December 24, 2007 -- Santa's Helpers Rescue 15 Hens

NZ Open Rescue Collective press release:

The spirit of Christmas urges relief for battery hens
Sunday, 23 December, 2007
New Zealand Open Rescue Collective

Some fortunate battery hens in New Zealand received immediate relief from cruelty and severe confinement thanks to the efforts of members of New Zealand Open Rescue Collective.

The group's members, coined Santa's little helpers, rescued 15 emaciated caged birds from an Auckland egg factory and is urging consumers to boycott caged eggs for the coming year.

'Our wish for Christmas is that New Zealanders stop buying factory farmed eggs and that they no longer support caged cruelty' says Open Rescue spokesperson Deirdre Sims.

A Colmar Brunton poll shows almost eight out of ten New Zealanders oppose keeping hens in cages. In 2006 Parliament's Regulations Review Committee deemed battery hen cages to be in breach of the Animal Welfare Act 1999.

The New Zealand Open Rescue Collective openly rescues battery hens and other factory farmed animals across the country out of sheer frustration that the legal system fails animals. The group has just released a Christmas DVD appealing to New Zealanders boycott battery eggs for 2008.

The message within the DVD states: 'Christmas is a time of giving and for some New Zealanders; it's a time of giving hope and freedom to animals. For all the battery hens that we have rescued this year, it will be a Merry Christmas.

The Christmas rescue DVD can be viewed online at

November 21, 2007 -- Golf Course Dug Up to Protest Duck Cull

Media have reported that greens at a suburban Sydney golf club were damaged after the club hired a marksman to shoot wood ducks. Holes were dug in the greens on several holes at the Warringah Golf Club. A note was left behind warning, "you bastards kill one bird and we will destroy all your greens at our leisure. We will be watching and waiting." The club has now abandoned their plans to shoot ducks.

Media report:,22049,22792399-5001021,00.html 

Devastated ... Monique Coombs is angry about the
duck cull at Warringah Golf Club and (inset) the
warning sign left on a vandalised putting green.
Pictures: Troy Bendeich

A SYDNEY golf club is under attack by animal lovers after it sought permission to shoot wild ducks because they were damaging the course.

Duck lovers outraged by the culling campaign at Warringah golf course yesterday threatened to destroy the course with a backhoe, just days after vandals dug potholes in greens.

Police were called to the course yesterday after staff were inundated with threats by phone and email.

The campaign of threats followed a menacing message left by the vandals: "Bastards kill one bird and we will destroy your greens at our leisure we will be watching and waiting."

Local resident Monique Coombs, 24, feeds the ducks every day with her mother Debbie and said she was devastated when she heard of the duck shoot.

"It is just disgusting. All the kids come and feed them and like to stop and look at them," Ms Coombs said.

"Mum could hear this squealing sound coming from a duck. We had tears in our eyes when we found out they were being shot."

Ms Coombs said her neighbour was walking with her young daughter when she heard the sound of shots from a gun fitted with a silencer.

"The ducks were part of the family and all of a sudden they're not all there," she said.

"It was just one little group of them. It wasn't as if there were thousands but someone wants to play golf so they kill living things."

Ms Coombs said hearing the wounded duck made her sick and the cries resembled those made by dying sheep she had seen killed on a farm.

Warringah Golf Club general manager Brian Leggett said club staff had wrestled with the decision to shoot the wood ducks but decided action was needed to stop the damage the animals were doing to the course.

"I can understand people being opposed to the fact we're having to shoot some ducks. We don't do it with any joy," Mr Leggett said.

"The quantity of ducks here was sufficient for us to regard them as a real problem because of the damage they were doing to the greens.

"We had a full assessment by the National Parks and Wildlife Service so on that basis we've been issued with a licence and we got the shooter recommended by them."

On Saturday, vandals dug five or six holes in the greens on holes seven, eight and nine and damaged another green.

Police are investigating the vandal attack. Mr Leggett yesterday referred more threats, including one from a woman in Gosford who threatened to hire a backhoe to destroy the course, to the authorities.

November 17, 2007 -- New Zealand -- ALF Rescue Ducks from Factory Farm Misery

To view a documentary complied from the footage received from the ALF please visit: Part One - Part Two.

For more images, visit: 

Media Release: Animal Liberation Front Rescue Ducks from Factory Farm Misery
17th November 2007

Auckland Animal Action has anonymously received footage highlighting the cruel and inhumane conditions that ducks suffer on factory farms and slaughterhouses throughout New Zealand.

The footage obtained follows the ducks from hatchlings to slaughter. During this time the birds can be seen suffering from ammonia burns, overcrowding and eye infections due to a lack of water. At the slaughterhouse the footage documents workers punching a bird, attempting to kick another and slitting ones throat with what appears to be a hose end.

The ducks enter the farm at a few days old and reach slaughter weight by week six. By this time there is very little room for the birds to move; this overcrowding causes them much stress. The ducks excrement is left to build up over this time and reaches a toxic level causing severe ammonia burns to the ducks.

Spokeswoman for Auckland Animal Action Kali Sandbrook says: "As aquatic birds, water is of the utmost importance to ducks who would naturally spend upwards of 75 percent of their day swimming, eating and socialising in the water. However, on factory farms ducks cannot even fully immerse their heads in water which leads to eye infections and sometimes blindness."

As part of their investigation, members of the Animal Liberation Front rescued 30 ducks from this suffering. In the communique received by Auckland Animal Action the ALF activists stated "For the short six weeks of their lives they are crammed in to overcrowded, filthy sheds where they are deprived of water to bathe in, nesting material and the ability to display natural behaviours and social patterns. The suffering and cruelty these animals are forced to endure is legitimised by the state. We do not respect a legal system that puts economics before the preservation of life, we are only concerned with what is right."

Ms Sandbrook says "We are extremely pleased to hear that 30 ducks have been spared this life of misery and an untimely death and can now life free, fulfilling lives."

"We recognise the governments failure to prevent such cruelty and understand that by putting economics first, the government has left compassionate people no choice but to take direct action to save lives."

Anonymous communiqu� in full:

"Over the past few months we have documented the cruel conditions which ducks are forced to endure on factory farms in Aotearoa. During our investigation, 30 beautiful ducks have been rescued and are now free to spend the rest of their natural life playing in the water, where they belong.

Sadly the thousands we left behind will have long been murdered, packaged and shipped off to be consumed. Like other factory farmed animals, ducks are not treated as thinking, feeling beings, but as commodities to be turned in to profit.

For the short six weeks of their lives they are crammed in to overcrowded, filthy sheds where they are deprived of water to bathe in, nesting material and the ability to display natural behaviours and social patterns.

The suffering and cruelty these animals are forced to endure is legitimised by the state. We do not respect a legal system that puts economics before the preservation of life, we are only concerned with what is right.

We stand in solidarity with our comrades worldwide to fight for an earth free from oppression.

Until every shed is empty, we will not rest.




November 6, 2007 -- Open Rescue Dedicated to Barry Horne

NZ Open Rescue Collective press release (click here for photos):
"New Zealand Battery Hen Open Rescue Dedicated to Barry Horne

November 5th 2006 saw New Zealand's first Open Rescue of 20 battery hens from Turk's Poultry in Foxton. The action was carried out as a result of growing frustration at the lack of Government response despite the huge public outcry against battery cages. New Zealand activists from all over the country took part in the raid which was the first of many Open Rescues and investigations.
November 5th is also the anniversary of the death of Barry Horne, an animal liberation activist who died in a UK prison hospital on November 5th 2001. He had been sentenced to 18 years in prison for various criminal attacks against companies involved in vivisection.
In prison he went on hunger strike several times in protest against government support for the vivisection industry, and their broken pre-election promises about animal experiments. The third of these hunger strikes lasted 68 days, and Barry never fully recovered.
His actions generated worldwide publicity, and initiated a huge upsurge in animal liberation activity, the effects of which are still being felt even today.
Over the last six months, NZ Open Rescue has been conducting an investigation into an Auckland, New Zealand battery hen farm. 30 hens have been rescued from their cages during the investigation, which has uncovered typically horrendous conditions.
We dedicate the rescue of the latest six hens from their cages to the memory of Barry Horne. These hens have been placed into a wonderful new home and now have a chance to live a decent life.
"It is always easier to see the reasons why we cannot succeed, always easier to shrug our shoulders and believe the best we can do is try, almost as a token gesture. With no belief in success then success becomes so hard to achieve, almost an impossibility. A bit like Animal Liberation really, an impossible concept. We know it's not though, or else what are we fighting for? We should never be afraid to succeed or believe we can succeed. And we should never be afraid to reach for the stars if that's what it takes". Barry Horne, 1952 - 2001
For more information:


October 13, 2007 -- New Zealand -- 37 Hens Rescued

press release (see photos below; video clip):

"New Zealand: Christchurch Open Rescue takes 37 hens out of life of misery

The Christchurch Open Rescue collective has rescued 37 young hens from a Canterbury battery farm, saving them from living a life of misery in battery cages. The group is part of the wider Open Rescue network across New Zealand, which has rescued battery hens and documented the plight of factory farmed pigs and broiler chickens since beginning in 2006. Open Rescue members openly break the law to rescue animals from exploitation, and document the horrific conditions they live in (1).

These hens were destined to become some of the 2.8 million hens exploited in battery farms in New Zealand. Instead, we have given them the gift of a normal life, which they have welcomed with open arms in the days since they were rescued" said Christchurch Open Rescue member Tracey Brown.

"The chickens are now having dirt baths, eating fresh greenery and will soon be laying eggs for the first time, free from the battery farm conditions where they struggled to even have enough space to turn around" (2) said Rebecca McCready, another Christchurch Open Rescue member, "In the sheds we took them from, we witnessed half-metre high piles of faeces and feathers left uncleaned, and an apparent complete lack of access to water."

"The recent prosecution of Trevor Chin, the owner of the Wellington Egg Company, by the SPCA, gave everybody a glimpse into the horrifying conditions present in battery farms across the country," said Chrischurch Open Rescue member Douglas Hesp "The shameful truth for battery farmers is that this was not an isolated case of cruelty, but instead more or less the norm in this disgusting industry."

"The rescue of these 37 hens has two purposes, to give them a chance at a decent life, and also to expose the battery farming industry to all New Zealanders. We encourage everyone to think carefully about where the eggs they eat come from, and not to fall for the "farm fresh" fallacy, which is simply another name for battery cages" stated Christchurch Open Rescue member Daniel Rae, "Our group starting is just one example of the growth of Open Rescue across New Zealand, and we are committed to openly breaking the law and rescuing battery hens from their lives of misery until battery cages are abolished"

(1) - Wellington Open Rescue member Mark Eden is currently in court after being charged with "unlawfully in a building" for his role in the rescue of hens from a Foxton battery farm in 2006. He is due to appear in the Levin District Court today, Monday October 8th, for a status hearing.
(2) - Christchurch Open Rescue has organised new homes for all 37 hens. All are now healthy and enjoying their first taste of freedom."

September 13, 2007 -- Six Breeding Hens Saved in Open Rescue

report by Animal Liberation Victoria:

"Investigation into Broiler Parent Birds - The Forgotten Victims

Animal Liberation Victoria (ALV) rescued 6 broiler breeding hens on Friday September 7, 2007

Most of us probably haven't heard anything about the parents of the billions of chickens killed for meat. ALV's openrescue team decided to investigate. What we found was a hidden layer in the tragic and very ugly story of chicken farming. Thousands of hens and roosters crammed together for over a year in each dim, foul smelling shed to produce eggs to be artificially hatched to fill the world's factory farm sheds, organic and free-range farms with billions of chicks for chickenmeat production. [there are futher hidden sheds with the grandparent and great-grandparent 'stock']

A team of four activists saved the lives of six of these hens and documented the appalling conditions including severely exhausted and debilitated hens, many with red raw backs from constant mating, blisters on their claws from standing in their own accumulated droppings and erythema on their bellies from laying on the filthy floors. Young male roosters had recently been put into the sheds to further increase the productivity of the already totally exhausted hens. The birds are only fed every other day."

For more information and slideshow, go to:

click thumbnails below to enlarge

April 1, 2007 - New Zealand

Vegan Pixies Smash Butcher Windows, Slash Tires

received anonymously:

"This week to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the first frozen meat export in New Zealand the Vegan Balaclava Pixies.....
spraypainted two meat billboards with MEAT STINKS! GO VEGAN! and fuck the meat conference!

glued Randwick meats locks and spraypainted their building and freezer containers with MEAT STINKS! MEAT IS MURDER!
ALF smashed five butcher shop windows, slashed meat direct trucks tyres, glued its locks, paintstrippered whole vehicle and spraypainted with MURDER DIRECT and EAT THIS!

The Vegan Balaclava Pixies will strike again! The time is now. Stand up and fight back! If not you who, if not now when?

Total Liberation!

Love the Vegan Balaclava Pixies for all the animals and the earth."
note: The New Zealand meat industry are having a conference in Wellington to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the first frozen meat exports from New Zealand.

Feb 19, 2007.  Butchers painted

anonymous report:

"One of the largest butcher suppliers here in NSW was spray painted with MEAT = MURDER!!

This was for the 55 Billion innocent ANIMALS killed each year by SCUM!!


Vegan Pride forever"

December 31, 2006. Battery Hens Rescued.

anonymous report:

"4 Battery hens Rescued - Australia

On the night of the 9th December - 4 battery hens were rescued from their prison cells of a concentration camp and are now living in loving sanctuaries here in NSW.

We will be back again this year in 2007, but to rescue many more of feathered friends who are all still waiting for their freedom.

Until every cage is empty.
Anon - Animal Activist - Australia"

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