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Who are the victims of the Finger lickin' Meal???...

What's the real story behind the glossy commercials for Kentucky Fried Chicken? Is it a wholesome tale of happiness and health? Or a catalogue of cruelty and suffering which KFC don't want us to know about? Behind closed doors, KFC is a company desperately trying to take global domination of the Fast Food Industry.
The truth behind the Colonel is a company solely concerned with profits by way of promoting unhealthy food, exploiting workers and the inhumane massacre of hundreds of millions of chickens every year.

Promoting Unhealthy Food

KFC promote their food as 'nutritious', but the reality is that it is junk food - high in fat, sugar and salt, and low in fibre and vitamins. A diet of this type is linked with a greater risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and other diseases. Their food also contains many chemical additives, some of which may cause ill health. Chicken is also one of the leading causes of food poisoning.

Exploiting Workers

Workers in the fast food industry are paid low wages. Workers tend to work for extremely long hours with few breaks. Due to the pressure to keep profits high and wages low, their stores are usually under staffed, forcing staff to work harder and faster.

This pressure often results in unnecessary accidents (particularly burns). The majority of their employees have limited job options and so are forced to accept this exploitation, and unionism is nearly impossible due to the high staff turnover. This makes it impossible to improve these conditions, which suits KFC vision of profits just fine.

Broiler Chickens

Broiler chickens are chickens reared specifically for their meat. These are the chickens that are used to create the finger lickin' meal. In New Zealand sixty million broiler chickens live out their lives cramped in huge sheds, with little more than an A4 sheet allocated to each chicken. They are subject to an environment totally alien to their natural habitat. There is no room to escape from the confusion, boredom and stress.

Broiler chickens are placed in severely inhumane conditions and suffer a range of health problems due to the poultry industries emphasis on profit. Farmers attempt to gain the birds maximum weight as soon as possible to keep costs down and profits up. This results in the lights being kept on for up to 23hrs per day to encourage over eating. An artificial night of about 1hr is kept to ensure that the chickens do not panic in the event of a power failure. These unnatural conditions mean that the chickens are ready for the slaughter in six to seven weeks, this is an extremely short life-span compared to the 12-15 years they live in the wild.

The sheds that these chickens are confined to are only cleaned after they are taken to the slaughter, resulting in the chickens having to live in their own excrement. This results in a number of the chickens gaining a variety of health defects including painful burns and ulcers to their breasts, legs and feet.

Diseases spread rapidly, requiring antibiotics & vaccines to be added to the feed.

Inhumane Massacre

Kentucky Fried Chicken is a business based upon the slaughter of 736 million innocent broiler chickens every year. Laid head-to-claw KFC chickens consumed worldwide in 1999 would reach 209,000 miles - encircling the earth at the
equator 8.5 times.

Right from the hatchery until slaughter, they are subjected to a succession of cruelties. The chickens undergo mutilation, crowding, injuries, diseases, de-beaking, forced molting, antibiotics, ammonia burns and heat stress.

The victims of the KFC finger lickin' meal are first hung alive and upside down on metal hooks. They then pass through an apparatus which "ideally" kills them quickly by removing the head with a whirring blade; or alternatively they perish, agonisingly, by immersion in an electrical-shock tank. The doomed birds can see their fate and that of their fellows as they approach the killing station. They are distraught and terrified.

So-called "redskins" are those chickens which on the conveyor belts to their deaths - missed not only the electrically-charged water bath, but the knife that was to cut their throats. Their deaths occurred in the scald tank where feathers are loosened before plucking.

One has to ask the question: Does the nice taste of dead animal flesh morally outweigh the frightful cruelties our meat-eating habits entail? This isn't an ethical discussion Kentucky Fried Chicken is keen to promote.