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Beagle Research Facility Exposed on TV

Beagle research farm

Manawatu Standard
29 August 2007

A beagle research facility exposed on television current affairs programme 60 Minutes this week is in Manawatu.

The programme showed an animal breeding facility claimed to be one of the largest animal-testing facilities in the Southern Hemisphere.

A four-month investigation by animal welfare group, SAFE, found evidence of beagles being bred and used for animal experiments in Manawatu and Hawke's Bay.

It is thought beagles are used because they have a gentle, trusting nature.

Owner Allen Goldenthal, based in Hawke's Bay, wasn't returning calls this week.

The Manawatu Standard visited the facility and was asked to leave.

SAFE alleges the facilities, in Manawatu and HB, house 200 beagles used for experimentation.

The use of the animals was shrouded in secrecy, campaign director Hans Kriek said. It was believed many beagles died in terminal experiments, he said.

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