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Vegan Chained at Pig Farms

[New Zealand Herald]

A vegan photography student was yesterday facing a cold night above a Waikato pig farm protesting against what he says are "inherently cruel" practices within the industry.

John Darroch, 22, said he wanted to highlight some of the issues surrounding local pig factory farming practices so he chained himself to the top of a 12m-tall silo on a pig farm near Cambridge.

Mr Darroch, who was supported by members of animal welfare group New Zealand Open Rescue, said he wanted to put pressure on Agriculture Minister David Carter to fix loopholes in the Animal Welfare Act.

He said that under the act animals must be able to express their natural patterns of behaviour. But the current code of welfare for pigs legalised the confinement systems that include dry sow stalls and farrowing crates - tight enclosures used to restrain sows after breeding, when they are particularly aggressive, and after giving birth, when piglets are most vulnerable.

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The animal rights activist who lashed himself to a silo at a pig farm in Cambridge yesterday has been forcibly removed by police.

The Trespass Act was invoked to remove John Darroch and a helmet and visor were placed on him while bolt cutters and an angle grinder were used to get him down.

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