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New Zealand Jews Plan To Fight for Shechitah

New Zealand banned brutal Kosher slaughter but now the Jewish Community is taking the NZ Government to court to have this decision overturned.. .this could affect other countries decision to ban this unspeakably cruel religious slaughter..

http://www.jta. org/news/ article/2010/06/ 27/2739782/ new-zealand-jews- plan-to-fight-for-shechitah

I fully understand that you all oppose the slaughter of any animal as do I, I do not condone the slaughter of any animal in any way, shape or form, however there is a real chance that more animals will suffer an even worse death than they do now if this ban is overturned.

I am trying to encourage people to email the NZ Minister of Ag, David Carter to inform him that the public stands behind the Kosher ban which was in forced in May....I am also asking that people email NZ Green Party Spokesperson for Animal Welfare Sue.Kedgley@ parliament. She is of course also backing NZ 's Minister of Ag's decision.

I fear that if NZ backs down to this challenge and allows this barbaric practice to once again continue, then other countries shall never ban it. Countries such as Australia who have the potential for huge export markets will be discussing the Kosher slaughter issue later this year, if NZ backs down on this issue, I fear Australia shall certainly never ban it........

Myself and many others have already emailed a sample letter to the NZ Minister of Ag, however I think more of the public need to be made aware of the issue and and given the opportunity to voice their opinions. I have modified my letter to make it suitable for Australian's and the International peeps to send.. To be honest I think the more international outcry the bigger impact it shall have.


New Zealand Prime Minister

David Carter - Minister for Agriculture.

Here are the Greens emails (they need to be cc'd)
sue.kedgley@ parliament., greenmps.wellington


I am aware that the New Zealand Jewish community is preparing a legal case to challenge a ban on the kosher slaughter of animals. I am writing in support of your stance and ban against these practices in NZ. I am strongly opposed to the allowance of non stun slaughter it is obscenely cruel and, totally unacceptable to say the least.

Many progressive countries have lowered the bar on what is acceptable in civilised society to appease these extreme religious views and I find it a disgrace. I am hoping you will not weaken your resolve to stay strong on this issue. I feel that the outcome of the proposed challenge to the ban could set a strong precedent to regions around the world which are in desperate need of awakening and change. Many countries are under pressure to withdraw exemptions that have been granted for the slaughter of animals without prior stunning, either to meet export markets or for domestic consumption. I believe if NZ overturns its decision to ban Kosher slaughter then these efforts will be wasted and many countries will continue to allow this indefensible practice.

Slaughter without stunning is significantly more prolonged, painful and is a terrifying death; it is permitted animal cruelty and in direct contradiction to animal welfare standards for ‘humane’ slaughter. To deny the very animals that sustain us even the small amount of relief that stunning gives before the moment of death, is truly indefensible! We must have laws that everybody adhere to regardless of religion. What happens if another religious group now says that it wants to conduct animal sacrifice, etc - how can one religion be exempted from the laws of the land but not another? The same laws should apply equally to all citizens and those laws should be evidence based and adhere to the highest ethical standards.

Non stun Kosher and Halal slaughter methods are unspeakably cruel and barbaric anachronisms, therefore, I strongly support both you and the New Zealand government. You are entirely correct to ban these methods of slaughter. Other countries such as Australia should follow your good example, as should all decent and progressive governments worldwide. We should not be sending the message that animal cruelty is ok, if it pleases certain religious groups. Laws designed to protect those who cannot protect themselves, including animals, should not be granted except in the most exceptional of circumstances, and religion is certainly not one of those circumstances.

At present with a ban on non pre stunning, New Zealand has shown itself to be progressive in the way the country treats animals. The international market perceives New Zealand to be ‘clean, green’ and with a ban in place it can be considered ‘caring’. However, should the ban be removed- the image shall be destroyed.

I will be watching for a positive outcome- the ban must stay in place. I have access to a huge array of New Zealand product- and should the ban be overturned I shall not be buying New Zealand exports in any way, shape or form and shall encourage as many people as possible to do the same.

Religion must never be used as an excuse to slaughter animals in ways which are truly abhorrent.

Thank you for your consideration

Here is a UTube video of Kosher slaughter- watch at your own discretion; com/verify_age?next_ url=http% com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DHQOKQ_ _3vQw


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