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Animal welfare activists are meeting in Wellington today in support of a bill to outlaw the use of sow crates and battery farming. Green MP Sue Kedgley's Animal Welfare Amendment Bill is designed to phase-out restrictive farming practices. full story:

New Zealand Government Rules That Animals Have Feelings - May 2015
New Zealand Bans Cosmetic Testing On Animals - May 2015
New Zealand PM John Key's Ban on Animal Testing of Recreational Drugs Praised - May 2014
(NZ) Minister backs animal rights campaign - August 2013
NZ lags behind in animal rights - July 2013
NZ Lagging Behind Animal Testing Laws - July 2013
New Zealand Should Cut Animal Testing - March 2013
New Zealand issues new code of welfare for layer hens - December 2012
Ban rodeos, activist says - October 2012
McCartney backs NZ cruelty-free campaign - July 2012
Students strip down for animal rights - May 2012
Activists cry foul over French delicacy - May 2012
Animal rights activists plan protest - November 2011
NZ must toughen up pathetic animal welfare laws - November 2011
NZ Duck Slaughter Protest - May 2011
Women End Hen Protest After "Achieving Goal" - Feb 2011
New Zealand Farm Workers Report Animal Cruelty - Dec 2010
New Zealand: Clubbing Murders of Protected Seals Outrages - Dec 2010
(NZ) Consumers urged to make a difference - Dec 2010
(NZ) Reward offered in factory farming fight - November 2010
New Zealand Jews Plan To Fight for Shechitah - August 2010
NZ Pork Industry Questioned - August 2010
Solidarity with Auckland Animals Rights Activists - August 2010
Vegan Chained at Pig Farms - April 2010
Pigs deserve better says animal rights group - April 2010
Concern at 'Extreme' AR Website - March 2010
Beagle Testing Protest - March 2010
New Zealand ARA Has Ban Overturned - Feb 2010
Zulu Bull Killing Ritual - Nov 09
New evidence reveals pig cruelty continues on New Zealand farms - Nov 09
Protest vs. Lab Animal Caregivers - August 2009
Queensland Council Bans Exotic Animals in Circuses - June 2009
Comedian Does U-turn on Pork - May 2009
New Zealand Spies on ARAs - December 2008
Lamb, Chicken, Hen Liberation - October 2008
Ant Rights in New Zealand - June 2008
Auckland Open Rescue, 15 Hens Rescued - Dec 07
ALF Rescues Ducks - November 2007
Open Rescue Dedicated to Barry Horne - November 2007
Farmer sentenced for animal abuse - September 2007
Beagle Research Facility Exposed on TV - August 2007
Carnivore Boycott - July 2007
Chicken Rescued From Corpse Pit - April 2007
Activists Imitate Battery Hens - April 2007
New Zealand Open Rescue Activists Rescue Hens - April 2007
ARAs Uncover Illegal Dumping Ground for Chickens
More raids on battery hen farms likely - NZ, January 2007
25 Hens Liberated - January 2007
Chicken Factory Burned - January 2007
     Tegel Fire - follow up
     NZ Chicken Lib - follow up 2
    Chicken Conditions will be Investigated - follow up 3
Farmers Bow to Protestors - Dec 2006
35 Chickens Liberated From West Auckland Egg Farm - Nov 2006
20 Battery Hens Rescued - November 2006
Pro Meat Report Lacks Credibility - Sept 2006.
Vegan Challenges Professor to Triathlon - Sept 2006.
NZ Past Actions -- > Actions that have occurred in New Zealand. 1985-2001.
Meat Free Media -- Home of New Zealand based animal rights media.
Hen Law -- May 2006. NZ Campaigners Claim Victory For Hen Layer Hens.
NZ chicks -- Dec 2005. Santa Takes Stand Against Tegel Cruelty.
Cheeky chicks -- Dec. 2005. Cheeky Chicks billboard up for grabs.
NZ Hen Golden Plains -- Aug. 2005. Undercover operation to uncover hen cruelty.
Protests -- photos.

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Battery Hens
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Broiler Chickens
Chinese Fur
Duck Farming
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Foie Gras
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