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Actions that have occurred in New Zealand
compiled by "Inciter"

1985: Wellington - Several butcher shops spraypainted, lockglued and three had windows smashed.

1985: Wellington - Colgate-Palmolive and Ciba-Geigy spraypainted twice.

1985: Wellington - Boots the Chemist Head Office spraypainted four times.

1985: Christchurch - Firebombing at Christchurch Deer-Stalkers.

1986: Auckland - Numerous butcherys attacked.

April '86: Wellington - Two butchers and a chemist had windows smashed.

May '86: Wellington - 5 butcher shop windows smashed.

July '86: Wellington - Butcher window smashed.

December '86: Wellington - Two vehicles at Tenderkist Meats were destroyed by firebombs.

December '86: Wellington - Hopuhopu piggery office block gutted by fire.

December '86: Auckland - Raid on Greenlane Hospital vivisection lab. Dog taken, walls spraypainted and fake bomb left behind.

1987: Auckland - Kiwi Bacon paint bombed and windows smashed.

May '87 Auckland - Greenlane Lab firebombed.

May '87: Wellington - Two butchery windows smashed.

June '87: Wellington - Three butchery windows smashed

July '87: Wellington - Butchery gutted by fire.

1988 Hamilton - Fire Butchery windows smashed.

1988 Hamilton - Dozens of butchery locks glued.

1988 Hamilton - Butchery sign destroyed

1988 Hamilton - D.I.C. department store spray painted with 'this shop supports animal suffering' and locks glued. They now sell animal tested cosmetics.

1988 Hamilton - Several Fur and Leather shops locks glued.

1988 Hamilton - Hillcrest high school raided and rats for dissection liberated.

1988 Hamilton - Horitu, a large meat industry complex was spraypainted with anti-meat industry slogans.

1988 Hamilton - Entrance to Ruakura research lab (largest agricultural vivisection institute in southern hemisphere) spray painted with 'blood money'.

1988 Hamilton - Visiting animal circus and its sponsor spraypainted with anti-circus messages, this action received radio coverage.

1988 Hamilton - Huttons meat spraypainted 3 times.

1988 Hamilton - Chemist spraypainted with 'this chemist sells animal tested products' and 'animal liberation now'.

1988 Hamilton - 4 Harvey farms trucks had all tyres slashed, locks glued, windscreen wipers pulled off, paint poured over bonnets and spraypainted. Sign covered in red ink.

1988 Hamilton - Hillcrest high school raided and 14 rats awaiting dissection liberated along with cages.

January '88: Taranaki - Eel processing plant windows smashed.

February '88: Wellington - Four butchery windows smashed

April/May '88: Auckland - 15 Meat shops spraypainted.

April/May '88: Auckland - 1 butchery window smashed

April/May '88: Auckland - 4 Meat trucks at Kiwi Bacon spraypainted.

June '88: Wellington - Paint squirted onto fur in a shop.

July '88: Taranaki - Hawera meat works destroyed by fire.

August 6th '88: Auckland - Butchery Spraypainted and lock glued.

August 19th '88: Auckland - Butchery spraypainted.

August 20th '88: Auckland - Salmond-Smith bio-lab spraypainted, all locks glued and 3 windows smashed.

August '88: Hastings - Several Butchery spraypainted and Richmond Meat offices and trucks spraypainted, and trucks have pots of paint thrown on them.

September '88: Dunedin - McDonalds locks superglued.

September '88: Auckland - St Lukes McDonalds spraypainted and locks glued twice.

September 2nd '88: Auckland - 2 Butchery spraypainted.

September 26th '88: Auckland - Several butcheries spraypainted and locks glued.

September 26th '88: Auckland - One butchery set on fire - now closed. Kiwi Bacon trucks spraypainted and locks glued.

December 25th '88: Auckland - Entire fleet of trucks at Kiwi Bacon spraypainted, window wipers, ariels and side mirrors broken off. Kiwi Bacon went bankrupt soon after.

December 30th '88: Auckland - Bioresearchers lab spraypainted with anti-vivisection slogans.

1989: Hamilton - Many butchery's spraypainted and locks glued.

1989: Hamilton - McDonald stinkbombed.

January 8th '89:Auckland - Butchery spraypainted.

May 30th '89: Auckland - Red ink squirted through the door of Sterns Furs.

September '89: Auckland - Three butchery shop windows smashed.

November '89: Auckland - McDonalds head office has six windows smashed.

December '89: Auckland - Butchery spraypainted.

1990: Hamilton - Many butchery's spraypainted.

1990: Hamilton - Visiting animal circus spraypainted and tent flap burnt.

1990: New Plymouth - Battery Farm spraypainted with slogan 'intensive cruelty.

January '90: Auckland - KFC store spraypainted with 'get your dead chickens here'.

January '90: Wellington - A Kentucky Fried Chicken store spraypainted and all locks glued up.

January '90: Wellington - Butchery Spraypainted and lock glued.

January '90: Wellington - Another Butchery spraypainted.

February '90: Auckland - Hydra Bacon spraypainted with 'don't eat flesh'.

February '90: Auckland - 'meat is murder' spraypainted on butchery.

February '90: Auckland - Butchery spraypainted and lock glued.

February '90: Auckland - KFC store spraypainted with slogans 'meat is murder' and 'carnivores are like tombstones'.

February '90: Auckland - Meat truck spraypainted and paint job ruined with clutch fluid.

February '90: Auckland - KFC spraypainted with 'stop animal slaughter - A.L.F.'.

February '90: Auckland - Homestead Chicken store spraypainted with 'chicken killers' and delivery car with 'meat is murder' and 'scum'.

March '90: Auckland - Homestead Chicken delivery car has paintstripper poured on it.

March '90: Wellington - Boots the Chemist head office locks glued.

March '90: Wellington - Boots the Chemist central store graffitied and lock glued.

March '90: Wellington - Fish shop locked glued.

March '90: Wellington - Skeggs fish factory graffitied, paint poured on front door and lock glued.

March '90: Wellington - Courtney Place McDonalds has interior damaged with glue and paint.

April '90: Auckland - Six butcher shops have locks glued.

April '90: Wellington - KFC spraypainted and locks glued.

April '90: Wellington - Skeggs fish factory has locks glued.

April '90: Wellington - Butchery spraypainted and locks glued.

May '90: Auckland - Two butcher shops locks glued.

June '90: Auckland - Meat truck paintstripped and locks glued. Butcher shop lock glued.

June 23rd '90: Auckland - Butcher shop lock glued.

July 1st '90: Auckland - Meat processing plant spraypainted.

August '90: Auckland - St Lukes McDonalds spraypainted and glued

August '90: Auckland - Royal Oak McDonalds lock glued and spraypainted 'meat is mcmurder'.

August '90: Auckland - Butchery spraypainted with 'halt animal murder - ALF' and windows smashed.

August '90: Auckland - Homestead Chicken store and delivery car spraypainted 'meat is murder' and locks glued.

August 14th '90: Auckland - Three butcher shops locks glued.

August 16th '90: Auckland - Four butcher shops and 'The Pork Market' windows smashed using a slingshot.

August 28th '90: Auckland - Victoria Park McDonalds locks glued.

July '96: Wellington - Two butcher shops get their locks superglued. A.L.F

July '96: Auckland - More than forty butcher shops get threats in the mail warning them to close down or face vandalism attacks.

July '96 - Two butcher shops in West Auckland smashed up.

July '96: Auckland - West End Road Fish shop windows smashed twice.

July '96: Auckland - Ponsonby Road butcher shops get their windows smashed.

July '96: Auckland - West Coast Road butcher shop gets windows smashed three times in July. Now has a steel shutter protecting them.

July '96: Auckland - an unknown group delivers letters containing mousetraps to four Auckland vivisectors (Bruce Baguley, Robert Faull, Peter Gluckman, Lois Armiger). Faull and Gluckman also get their cars covered in paintstripper.

August '96: Auckland - Cot Death Society Building graffitied as a warning against using animals as experiments. Shirley Tonkin of the Cot Death Society who has defended the use of piglets in suffocation experiments, gets her car covered in A.L.F. slogans and paintstripper.

August '96: Auckland - Happy Hen egg truck paintstripped, two milk trucks paintstripped and graffitied, 'Sensational Sausages' truck smashed up and five butcher shops get windows broken. All in one night.

August '96: Christchurch - Media reports of A.L.F. attacks on Cancer Society buildings on Daffodil Day.

August'96: Auckland - Cancer Society building painted with 'Murderers' on Daffodil Day.

August '96: Wellington - A.L.F. splashes red paint over the entrance to the Wellington Cancer Society building on Daffodil Day.

August '96: Auckland - Leather shop (Hunters and Collectors) graffitied with A.L.F slogans.

August '96: Auckland - Zoo entrance and signs graffitied with A.L.F. slogans.

September '96: Auckland - McDeaths at AIT campus gets windows smashed. Newmarket McDeaths window and sign smashed. Shop displaying cow skins gets windows smashed.

October '96: Southland - Vegan activists found and destroyed four leghold traps (gin traps). These are illegal but still widely used by trappers.

October '96: Wellington - Preston's Meats in Hopper St was spraypainted with A.L.F slogans. This is hit #6 for Preston's since late last year. Also on same night a fish processing factory in Cuba St was painted with animal rights and A.L.F. slogans.

November 1 '96: Chrictchurch - (World Vegan Day). Four leather shops, one fur shop, one hunting shop, one butcher, one Cancer Society shop get superglued.

November '96: Wellington - Newtown Georgie Pie covered in spraypainted slogans and main door locks superglued. Fish supply truck vandalised and painted. Newtown Fishing supply shop painted and glued. Butcher in Adelaide Rd gets door locks glued.

November '96: Wellington - Hataitai butcher shop gets superglue in locks.

November'96: Auckland - Several Anchor milk displays on dairies get paint thrown all over them.

November '96: Auckland - Cadburys chocolate bars contaminated and sent to company as a protest against dairy products on World Vegan Day. Media blackout on this action so it is not known if products were withdrawn from sale.

December '96: Wellington - The Island Bay butchery gets painted and glued.

December '96: Christchurch - Christmas Day, Cancer Society shop superglued.

January '97: Petone - Fishing shop painted and glued. Three butcher shops painted and glued. Tenderkist Meats gets building painted with 'Animal Liberation' and meat truck painted with 'ALF'.

January '97: Wellington - Three butchers in Karori painted and superglued. Butcher in Johnsonville splased with red paint and locks glued shut. Prestons Meats in Hopper St splashed with red paint twice in one week.

February '97: Lower Hutt - Butcher gets front window smashed with slingshot.

February '97: Auckland - Four butchers, one fish shop, and one burger shop get windows smashed.

February '97: Auckland - Windows smashed at twelve animal abuse businesses in one night, including butchers, fish shops, angling shops and a beekeepers supply shop. Damage estimated at $10,000.

February '97: Auckland - At least ten more animal abuse businesses get their windows smashed by A.L.F. activists in the last week of February.

March '97: Wellington - Two butchers get front windows smashed.

March '97: Wellington - Charcoal Chicken in Cuba St gets locks glued.

March '97: Wellington - Butchers in Kelburn and Karon get glue in locks and slogans painted by A.L.F.

April'97: Auckland - Unknown group claims Proctor & Gamble (animal tested) products contaminated with weed killer and placed on supermarket shelves on World Day for Lab Animals (April24th). No further details.

April '97: Auckland - Activists smash windows at five butchers in one night, including Ralphs Specialty Meats in Mt Eden Rd.

April '97: Auckland - Activists destroy fifteen unspecified animal abuse windows over a one week period.

July '97: Auckland - A.L.F. activists smash the windows of five different butcher shops around central Auckland and the North Shore.

October 6-7 '98: Hawkes Bay - Two butcher shops had had slogans spraypainted on them and the footpath outside them. - A.L.F.

November '98: Whangarei - A McDonalds had locks glued and slogans spraypainted including 'McDestruction' and 'McDonalds = Death'. - A.L.F.

November '98: Whangarei - A Kentucky Fried Chicken had slogans spraypainted and their locks glued. - A.L.F.

May '99: Auckland - The A.L.F claimed responsibility for smashing windows and spraypainting slogans on several butcher shops and meat industry related businesses.

July '99: Christchurch - When Canterbury vivisectors had a meeting in a Christchurch Hotel, someone left a suspicious package in the carpark. The army bomb disposal team were called and they used a robot to blow up the package. Someone is getting paranoid.

July '99: Hamilton - The A.L.F. has claimed responsibility for a raid on a Waikato ferret farm. Mystic Ferrets had 200 ferrets released, equipment damaged, and most of its breeding records destroyed.

September '99: Auckland - A.L.F. activists used slingshots to fire lead sinkers through the windows of five butcher shops, causing thousands of dollars of damage at each shop.

September '99: Auckland - Anonymous activists broke into a factory farm and liberated several baby turkeys who would otherwise have ended up dead before Christmas. They are now enjoying freedom in their new homes somewhere in the North Island.

October '99: Auckland - Smith & Caugheys Department Store, which sells fur-trim coats (Queen St) had it's door locks superglued shut three nights in a row. 'Fur is Dead' and'Animal Liberation Front' slogans were also painted on the walls.

October'99: Christchurch - A car displaying pro-hunting slogans had its tyres slashed by anonymous anti-hunting activists.

November '99: Christchurch - The A.L.F. claimed responsibility for supergluing locks and spraying slogans at Mainland Poultry's Christchurch warehouse.

November '99: Wellington - The A.L.F. smashed windows and painted slogans at 2 vivisection targets and heavily painted a third with slogans such as 'Ban Vivisection in NZ'.

November '99: Wellington - A.L.F. activists attacks several vivisection targets, including: Le Grose and Ronchese, with front window bricked and slogans spraypainted. J Miller front window bricked, car paintstripped and sprayed, house spraypainted. Royal Society 15 slogans sprayed on walls.

November 14 '99: Wellington - a group of ANZCCART vivisectors were bomb scared with a phone call at the skyline venue Wellington.

October 16 '01: Auckland - McDonalds branches throughout Auckland were targeted by activists for World Anti-McDonalds Day. Toilets blocked with quickset cement and some had their locks glued.

October 20 '01: Auckland - 28 battery hens liberated.