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3 June 2008.
Pound dogs safe from research.
By Alison Sandy

BRISBANE City Council will no longer supply dogs and cats from its pounds for experimentation by the University of Queensland.

Lord Mayor Campbell Newman announced today the practice would stop after it was revealed last week that 400 dogs and 20 cats, which were already going to be euthanized, were provided to the university's vet students for medical tests or invasive surgery in the past year.

He said the council began supplying the animals to UQ in 2005 without his knowledge or support. "This has troubled me from the moment I became aware of it and I immediately moved to end the practice," he said.

"The University of Queensland has been unable to convince me or the other councilors that what they were doing was in line with community expectation. "

Cr Newman issued a moratorium in April and the ban was lobbied by Labor Moorooka Ward councilor Steve Griffiths at a Family and Community Services meeting last month. Cr Griffiths said he was pleased a ban on the practice would now apply.

"It's a good outcome in terms of our city going forward and treating our pound cats and dogs humanely," he said. "The University of Queensland could produce no research or evidence to support that this is best practice."

UQ Associate Professor Lucio Fillipich told The Courier-Mail last week the practice was governed by strict ethical codes and was important to ensure vets upon graduation weren't performing medical procedures on animals for the first time.

While most of the animals were first sedated for experiments and then euthanized, about 10 per cent were used for food trials survived and re-housed.

ACTION - please thank Councilor Griffiths for his lobbying and please mention that greyhounds who are "surplus" from the greyhound racing industry have been supplying the university for some time. It is most likely they continue to be supplied to the university.

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