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From Tasmania - "Because This is Wrong"

From Tasmania - Against Animal Cruelty Tasmania's excellent protest, organized by Jenn Beer and shown on Southern Cross and ABC TV News, and (at least) the Hobart Mercury, featuring a "sheep", legs bound, being slung into the boot of a car. Tasmania's Senator Guy Barnett (33 George Street, Launceston for letter writers, and unfortunately not up for re-election this time, but we won't forget him come next election time) who "grew up on a farm", according to his bio, distinguished himself by castigating "animal rights extremists" and affirming Coalition support for this indefensible trade.

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Sunday 11/11/07

"Because this is wrong"

A gentle sheep grazes the foreshore of St. Kilda pier; he raises his head and gazes out to sea. Beside him several enthusiastic and animal loving Australians clad in orange t-shirts bearing the words "Live animal export- Australia's shame" collect signatures for what will be the largest petition tabled in the Senate. It is Saturday morning November 10, and they are part of an Australia wide National Day of Action. Feelings of camaraderie abound as groups around the country are out in force collecting signatures calling for an end to live animal export.

"To date 175,000 signatures have been collected for this petition organized by Australia's peak animal protection group Animals Australia, the aim is to hit 200,000" said organizer of the St. Kilda action Pam Ahern also founder of Edgar's Mission -farm sanctuary at Willowmavin. "The response from the public here today has been phenomenal; well over four hundred people have registered their protest for this barbaric and indefensible trade".

During the last 30 years Australia has sent more than 150 million sheep and cattle to the Middle East to be slaughtered. More than 2.5 million have died en route, their deaths deemed acceptable by an industry that cares more about profits than animal welfare. Around 5 million animals are sent each year. To watch footage the industry would prefer hidden go to

"Not only is Australia allowing its animals to be subject to acts of horrific insensitivity and barbarity that are deemed illegal here but we are sending a message to the world that we think these practices acceptable by our continued supply of animals to the Middle East. Recent FOI's have shown exporters non-compliance with Australian standards and our inability to control what happens to our animals once they leave our shores is evidenced in four separate investigations by Animals Australia. And as we have seen here today people are horrified and sickened by these images, with the resounding question 'why do we allow this to happen in the 21st century?' stated Pam Ahern.

In response to a quizzical passerby's question "why are you here today" Pam Ahern commented gesturing to a large image of several panting sheep tied to the roof of a car in searing temperatures "because this is wrong".

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