[New Zealand Herald]

A militant animal rights network is celebrating the fire that destroyed Tegel's poultry processing plant in Christchurch, and says it would like to see similar plants face the same fate.

The Fire Service says the comments by the secretive Animal Liberation Front (ALF) are dangerous and could have deadly consequences.

While "overjoyed", the ALF said it had nothing to do with Thursday's early morning blaze at the factory in Hornby - one of three major plants operated by the country's largest poultry producer.

The cause of the fire is still to be determined. It was the largest blaze in Christchurch in more than a year, requiring all of the city's firefighting resources.

"While we do not wish any harm to animals or humans, we would like to see the same destruction at Tegel's two North Island plants," an ALF spokesman using the name Daryll Cartwright said in a statement to the Herald.

"We are delighted that no more chickens will meet their deaths at the Hornby plant in the immediate future.

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