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Anti-AR Campaign Gaining Momentum in Austria and Germany

September 29, 2010, 4:25 AM

Dear colleagues,

There have been developments here - yesterday, and only weeks after the anti-AR court case in Austria ended, the offices of "RespekTiere" (Animal Respect) in Austria (they have been a target before) have been entered by police with a Bavarian (not Austrian this time) search warrant at 6 a.m.

Apparently they were looking for incriminating material related to a Bavarian farmer's claim that their actions ( entering his farm and filming dead and dying animals, some eating each other) were responsible for the death of some 160 pigs in that facility - apparently they suffocated. On the basis of that material they filed criminal charges.

Ridiculous as that claim may be, he has found support with the authorities and is now pressing charges against the activists.

There is a previous case like this here - a journalist who has for years fought the fur industry and who also entered such a facility with the intention of securing filmed material of massive animal abuse, and who subsequently was taken to court on the claim of the farm owner that his actions resulted in the death (he says from shock) of some 1500 animals, and he now wants the guy to pay up. That would effectively ruin him, and that's exactly the intention - as it is with RespekTiere.

Also, an agricultural body here has put up a website on which they demand that the "terrorism" against their members (mass animal abusers in the industry) be stopped by the state, and that material (such as videos and pics) that has been produced illegally (by entering the farms without permission) is henceforth banned from being used in court cases. The protest action on the site is in high demand apparently.

So - they are fighting back with all they have now ...
And it'll get a lot worse.


"A universe is, indeed, to be pitied whose dominating inhabitants are so unconscious and so ethically embryonic that they make life a commodity, mercy a disease, and systematic massacre a pastime and a profession."
~ Professor J. Howard ~

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