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Animal Rights Actions in Austria

Vienna Feb 13, 2006

Death of the Constitution

video clips:

Actions Reported to Biteback - 2008/2009
Actions Reported to Biteback - 2007

A parliamentary victory for Austrian activists - July 2013

Presentation on Animal Experiments and Alternatives: Messerli Research Institute, Vienna, Nov 20 - November 2012

Minister admits previous comments incorrect on status of Austrian legal proceedings - May 2011

Austrian ARAs Acquitted - May 2011

Good News from the Trial of Austrian Animal Activists - May 2011

Austrian activist trial may be reaching favorable conclusion - 12/10

News from Austria, November 22, 2010

Austrian Deer "Park" Annually Slaughters its Tame Residents - 11/10

Anti-AR Campaign Gaining Momentum in Austria and Germany - 10/10

Animal Protection Trial - Austria Update - Sept 2010

FARM Protests Austrian Repression at Embassy - May 2010

Austrian ARAs Need Support - May 2010

Support Austrian Activists - April 2010

Austrian Trial Updates - April 2010

website: Shame on Austria - March 2010

Report from Austrian Action Day - March 2010

Solidarity Demo4Animal Activists in Austria-Video from 2 Mar 2010

Austrian AR POW Trial - March 2010

help Austria Activists - January 2010

Update on forthcoming trial of Austrian activists - January 2010

Austrian Animal Activists Stop Cruel Pig Experiments - January 2010

Austria Film Festival - October 2009

Anti-Fur Arrests and other ARA news and updates - August 2009

Austrian Repression, June 09. Celebrity Support for ARAs.

Interview DR. HELMUT F. KAPLAN , Ph.D - AUSTRIAN PHILOSOPHER , VEGAN (subtitled - sous-titré) from ANIMAL TELEVISION (daily) (In German). Part 1 .wmv; Part 2 .wmv

News on Repression - June 4, 2009

POW repression update - May 2009

Open Letter from the Former AR Prisoners - January 2009

Supreme Court Still Suppressing Activists - October 2008

Statement from Martin Balluch after his release - September 2008

Animal Welfare Prisoners are Free - September 2008

Martin Balluch Runs as Green Candidate - August 2008

Message to the International Animal Rights Movement - August 2008

POWs August 2008

Brigitte Bardot invites Mrs. Maria Berger not to become the Minister for Injustice - August 2008

Message from Elmar, one of the Prisoners! - August 2008

New Austrian Prisoners Website:

Please sign up to show your support either as a group or as an individual. However England, Scotland, Wales, N. Ireland, Britain, Great Britain, UK and United Kingdom are not listed under countries so you may have to use Other.

We are maintaining a supporters database here  and we will be able to send updates/action alerts to you speedily if you could sign up here  (your email address won't be made public).

From Martin Balluch, July 7

Message from Austrian Prisoners; Felix, Elmar & Chris - July 4, 2008

From Martin Balluch, July 4 on THOMAS PAINE

Human Rights Scandal - June 2008, David Irving

Martin Balluch, Austria: My message to the international animal rights movement

Austria ARAs Raided - May 2008

Matthew Hiasl Pan - May 2008 update

Accident during open liberation - March 2008

Austrian activist found not guilty in fur farm trial in Finland - August 2007

Humans have rights, should human-like animals? - June 2007

Will Chimp Life Get Human Rights? - May 2007

Activists want chimp declared a 'person' - May 2007

Seal Skin Ban - April 2007. Parliament voted to support the seal skin ban

Is a chimp a person? ? Judge sees apes now in a different light - April 2007

Great Ape Trial - Are the Great Apes our blood brothers? - Feb. 2007

Ban on wild animals in circuses is kept upheld! - January 2007

Fur Protest - December 2006

German & Austrian hunt sabs join forces in a successful operation - Nov. 2006

The heat is turned up in Austria - November 11, 2006

ARAs to intensify anti-fur campaign - October 2006

1st AR Conference for South-East Europe a success - October 2006

Pig Farm Investigation - October 2006

Against Bird Trappers - October 2006.

Anti-fur Victory - August 2006.

Human Meat -- July 2006. Human Meat for sale.

Vegan Festival -- June 9, 2006


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