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Good News from the Trial of Austrian Animal Activists

Posted for "Martin Balluch"  honschhonsch
Fri Apr 29, 2011 9:12 am (PDT)

excitement is hyping up, the verdict in the Austrian AR trial is about to come in 3 days, on Monday.

the president of the court - its a small provincial court 50 km south of Vienna - has arranged for a gigantic tent outside in the courtyard to accommodate all the journalists and the guests. special equipment, which has been installed today, is going to broadcast live the inside of the courtroom and the reading of the verdict onto a big screen outside.

vgt is going to put a live ticker up on a screen outside the courthouse. hundreds of people are expected to be at the courthouse and to join in the celebrations afterwards.

all newspapers have reported in the last day on the big event, all unanimously convinced that it is going to be not guilty. many papers speak of a guilty verdict - for the prosecutor and not for the accused.

I spoke to the judge today and she implicitly confirmed the not guilty. she said she will justify her verdict in a 30 minutes speech. the defence should not have been so nasty to her. and the media were a nightmare, according to her.

the justice ministry has invited me and 2 other people from vgt to come and pay them a visit straight after the verdict. what they are going to have to say, we can only guess. but it smells like something of an apology. the justice minister herself and her right hand, who were responsible for the charge, had to step down a couple of weeks back. the new minister seems different.

a lot of media are queuing up for interviews. I will be live on radio for an hour after the verdict.

in the evening, we have booked a hall for 300 people to party. many journalists, MPs, law professors and activists from different movements have agreed to join us. this event should become the turning of the tide against the development towards a police state.

we will do a press conference just after the verdict and another one the day after.

on the following day, Wednesday, I will try and use the media hype for animal issues, and will let myself be locked into a sow stall for 24 hours in the city centre of Vienna.

has anybody ever heard of a trial against animal terrorists with such an end?

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