July 19, 2006
Human Meat for Sale on the streets of Austria

A series of 7 actions have taken place in 7 cities in Austria; all aimed at highlighting to people the reality of eating meat.

Activists in Austria are attempting to draw clear comparisons between humans and non human animals. Animal rights activists are marketing themselves as human meat on the streets of 7 major Austrian cities to graphically show to the public that all animals, including humans share the same body and the same flesh, the only difference being that to eat one is legal but to eat the other is illegal.

A spokesperson for the publicity event commented: "It's only tradition that says whose flesh is being eaten and whose flesh is not, i.e. it is only called murder if somebody was to kill and eat the human packaged product."

The first of these events took place in Vienna City centre and in Wr. Neustadt on the 19th July. The capitals of the other Austrian provinces will see the same demo and it is hoped that all will be visited in the next 2 days.

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