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Accident during open liberation

March 11, 2008

Last night, again a combined team of austrian and czech activists tried an open liberation, this time in austria. the group is known for their last action, an open liberation of 6 foxes from a farm in czechia, see: http://www.directac news_feb21c_ 08.htm

more info on the group in czech language here: http://www.realita. tv/

now, last night, during an open hen rescue operation, an activist fell together with the ladder he was standing on, onto the concrete floor inside the broiler hen building, which had 2 floors. his leg got
entangled with the ladder and he broke it horribly on three places, blood gushing. he was also injured on his back, his spine, really  everywhere. he was then retrieved from the situation without the farmers realizing and eventually brought to hospital. tonight, he is already lying on the operating table, he will get nails into his bones. it was a really dramatic incident.

for get well wishes, use his email address in austrian or english: com

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