(translation) VGT - What the Austrian Justice Minister told Pamela Anderson
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VGT = Association Against Animal Factories (Verein Gegen Tierfabriken) .
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Original German version (+ photos) can be seen under :

link : http://www.vgt. at/presse/ news/2009/ news20090519m_ 2.php
and English link : http://www.vgt. at/presse/ news/2009/ news20090519m_ 2_en.php

Translation :
Date : 19. May, 2009, Vienna, Austria
What the Austrian Justice Minister told Pamela Anderson

Justice Minister assures Pamela Anderson “Nobody will be charged in Austria just for being involved in campaigning for animals”. Will the case be dropped?

Following the recent meeting between Austrian Justice Minister Claudia Bandion-Ortner and American actress Pamela Anderson, the press reported that the Justice Minister had assured Pamela Anderson that there will be no charges for people just for being involved in campaigning for animals.

Given that the final police reports consist exclusively of legitimate campaign work on behalf of animals, it follows that there can be no charges.

VGT emphasises that the final reports cite normal campaign work as evidence for the existence of a criminal organisation.

VGT’s DDr Martin Balluch commented: “The results of the police investigations have now been submitted and I assume that our Justice Minister has seen them. They contain nothing but normal campaign work. If the Justice Minister’s statement was intended to be taken seriously, then it can only mean that the case will be dropped”.

And further: “According to the final reports a person is suspected of belonging to a criminal organisation when:

* He or she politely informs a company of an intended campaign should the company not address issues of animal cruelty that they are responsible for.

* He or she takes part in legal activities against fur, hunting or vivisection.

* He or she gives talks about animal welfare in schools or organises conferences on this subject.
* He or she does an investigation at a factory farm.

All this is normal campaign work. People are feeling insecure, they have been followed, spied on, attacked, locked up and now they are threatened with prison.”

Therefore we call on the Justice Minister to state clearly whether this case will go to court and if so, following her statement, what evidence could the charges possibly be based on?
Why does her Ministry refuse to comment?


Pamela Anderson Press Release!

We are getting loads of positive media about the repression against the Austrian animal welfare movement. Today, Pamela Anderson came out in support of the animal activists threatened with prison and it immediately went into all the papers (front page of some of them):


Media Actions

The VGT are holding regular media actions, such as the one in the link below:


The Greens have done a press release in very strong words against the police repression.

The pressure is really on for the Ministry of Justice to drop these ridiculous charges.

Please help the animal welfare movement in Austria by writing to the Austrian Ministry of Justice. You can use the sample letter and find the address to send it to at the following link (please be sure to cc office@vgt.at :


Many thanks for your help



May 12, 2009
Subject: news on repression in Austria

the campaign against the repression in Austria is in full swing. a number of new developments:

today, Pamela Anderson came out in support of the animals activists threatened with prison:
http://www.united- creatures. at/pages/ 20090512pamelaan derson.pdf

guatanamo-like action outside the ministry of police with good media reports:
http://www.vgt. at/presse/ news/2009/ news20090505m_ en.php

yesterday, there was an absolutely brilliantly radical 2 page article in the leading political weekly in Austria against repression and explicitly to drop the procedures against the activists. the article quotes the head of amnesty international, the labor justice spokesperson, the head of the institute of criminal law at the university of Vienna, an anonymous source from police, a member of the data protection commission at the cabinet of the PM and the security spokesperson of the Greens all with radical statements in our favor.

the minister of justice yesterday called off the meeting with vgt representatives and shifted the appointment for a week. tomorrow, we have the next action outside her ministry.

last week, 85 Austrian ar/aw groups signed an open letter to the minister of justice, which is historical, as never ever have so many groups signed on to one single appeal:
http://www.vgt. at/hinweise/ 20090506offenerB riefJustiz. pdf/Brief. pdf

there is loads more in the pipeline.

while we lay punch after punch, neither the police nor state prosecution even comment when being asked by journalists. we are having a field day, our enemy is just keeping still hoping to survive the onslaught.

we are receiving daily 5 - 10 more signatures of international groups in support of the open letter. we will present them within the next weeks, so keep them rolling in.