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Shame on Austria - New Website

Shame on Austria - new website


There is a brand new protest website for the Austrian court case. as you
can remember Martin Balluch and many others are threatened with up to 5 years of prison for legal activism.

with just one mouse click you can ask Austrian politicians to adapt the
anti-mafia-law to the needs of the civil society! this law threatens the Austrian 13 and the future of AR-activism in Austria!

visit the website: http://www.shameona
direct link to the e-mail-appeal:
http://www.shameona en/protest. php

please help us and spread this website. it is translated into 20 languages. there are also different domains in different countries. you can find them out by clicking to the language-translation.

please circulate this widely over your national and international lists!
we have to generate thousands of mails!

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