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I don't know whether you would take it seriously or not but I have to try. I got your mail id after a long time. I tried so hard to find someone's id who can help me to protect animals of my country. Maybe you have not heard the name of Bangladesh. Here no animal right or law is available and also no organization is working on behalf of animals. Personally I don't think law can protect animals but there should be a direct path to protect them. I cant bear to see those who are bitten, killed and tortured every day here. People kill cats and dogs for pleasure here, I cant stop them alone. Personally I saved some but me alone also have some limitation. I wonder if you could show me any way, a mail id to contact any animal right organization like ALF. I alone can do nothing in a 3rd grade country like mine. I need help from outside but do not know how to get it. Please can you give me any little information how I can work it out.

 Keith Mann, I wonder if he could provide some help by opening a brunch here, if he really loves animal, he should think of it. Many country has many animal right organization but we have none. Please do something. I can assure than I can find out some people like me and we can run it. We just want some light which can show us the right path to do that. I desperately want to work with this organization and I'm born to do that. Please help me out. this is my id and "dipanwita ridi" is my FB id.

Please contact me on their sake. god bless you. bye

this is me and my pets :)

I just wanted to show you.

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