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Bangladesh Animal Welfare Society

Obhoyaronno - Bangladesh Animal Welfare Society

 Obhoyaronno -- Bangladesh Animal Welfare Society (O-BAWS) is a non-profit company, working to abolish animal cruelty in Bangladesh since 2009.

 Our areas of work include humane treatment of livestock animals, welfare of small companion animals, preservation of wildlife, prevention of illegal animal trades etc.

 The main objective of O-BAWS is to engage in charitable activities to ensure welfare of all animals (farm, companion, wild) by: 'Fostering a spirit of peaceful existence between humans and animals through humane education. 'Collaborating with public and private bodies to implement projects / programmes, which promote ethical and humane treatment of animals.

 'Developing adequate and appropriate infrastructure and human resources for a modern animal health care system. 'Advocating for up-to-date legislation against animal cruelties. Current Activities

1. Dog population survey in 18 wards in as first past of an Animal Birth Control and Vaccination programme for street dogs in Dhaka. The project is being supported by Humane Society International and being implementing in collaboration with Dhaka City Corporation and IEDCR.

2. Preparation for a KAP survey on human Rabies across the country to better understand the causes of dog bites, Rabies, the various methods used to treat bite victims and level of public awareness of the issue.

3. Process mapping of the existing pet registration system of Dhaka City Corporation for designing an IT based, automated system that is effective and efficient.

4. Humane education at various public and private school to raise awareness against dog culling.

5. Drafting of a new animal cruelty act to replace the The Bengal Cruelty to Animals Act 1920.

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