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Belgium anti-fur demo Antwerp 13/10

October 14, 2007

Belgium anti-fur demo Antwerp 13/10


Report Escada demo Antwerp, Belgium 13/10

With more than 20 activists animal rights organisation Bite Back demonstrated at the big Escada store at the Frankrijklei 80, Antwerp, Belgium. 8 activists stood in front of the shop wearing real fur coats, they wore a paper bag over their head, one letter on every bag, together they formed the word SHAME! Other activists hold big photobanners and photos from skinned animals. The demo got a lot of media-attention: 2 national tv programs reported the demo and mentioned the word Escada/fur/protest on national tv.

Tens of thousands of people are now aware that Escada sells fur!

Report also on regional tv. Several photographers, Belgian wire service and national radio. Escada Antwerp was not amused with all the media-attention. They came out of the store twice to interfere. They called the police, but we had a license for the demo and could continue the demo.Good response from the shopping public and tourists.

After the demo we went to several SCAPA stores (they also selling fur). One of the SCAPA shop owners wants to stop buying and selling fur!


Marianne Huiberts

Bite Back Belgium- Holland

www.biteback. be

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