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Freedom of Religion Stops Where Animal Suffering Begins


Attention!! The images are very disturbing!!
Animal rights party proposes ritual slaughter ban: 'Freedom of religion stops where animal suffering begins.'

Today's de Volkskrant features a photo of a decapitated sheep's head in a wheelbarrow. In the background the carcass is being skinned. Tuesday saw the start of Eid al-Adha, the Muslim festival of sacrifice, when sheep are slaughtered and the meat shared out among family and friends. But Party for the Animals leader Marianne Thieme would like to see a ban on ritual slaughter, de Volkskrant reports.

Ms Thieme's bill to outlaw Jewish and Muslim ritual slaughter will be debated in the Lower House next week, the paper says. To win MPs' support, she will be screening gory videos in parliament showing how conscious animals have their throats cut before being hoisted aloft, struggling as they bleed to death. The Party for the Animals wants livestock to be stunned before they are killed, as they are in non-religious slaughterhouses.

According to Ms Thieme, halal meat is big business in the Netherlands, and in fact a lot of meat on supermarket shelves comes from ritual slaughterhouses, though it isn't labelled as such. She's hoping that she'll be able to win the backing of parties on both left and right. It's a sensitive issue, she admits, but as far as she's concerned, 'Freedom of religion stops where animal suffering begins.'

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