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Animal Protection Actions in Bolivia

Animal Protection Law Is Needed in Bolivia.

ADDA-Bolivia, the Bolivian Association for Animal Rights Defence, has sent us a desperate call of help to all animal friends and citizens of the world,

Why Is There a Reason For An Animal Protection Law In Bolivia?

Crímenes en una Universidad de Bolívia. Experimento en animales en la Universidad del Valle en Bolivia... muy cruel

Actions Reported to Biteback - Bolivia - 2011 to current

McDonald's Closing All Restaurant's as Nation Rejects Fast Food - 6/13

The Need for Animal Protection Laws in Bolivia - Oct 2011

Bolivia to 'make world history' by granting rights to Mother Nature - April 2011

Bolivia Bans All Circus Animals - May 2010

Bolivia Bans Animal Circuses - May 2009

Cruelty exposed in circuses in Bolivia - April 2007

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