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Animal rights activists raid Brazil laboratory

Protesters seize hundreds of dogs from São Paulo research

19 October 2013
Al Jazeera

Activists raided a laboratory in São Paulo, Brazil early Friday and took hundreds of dogs from the complex after claims that the lab was testing on animals. The protesters accuse Instituto Royal of mistreating animals for pharmaceutical purposes.

Over 300 beagles were rescued from #institutoroyal last night Sign the petition, stop cruelty
The institute pushed back, denying mistreatment and saying that all tests conducted on animals fall within the legal requirements of the National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA). Brazilians took to the internet, giving the hashtag #InstitutoRoyal nearly 90,000 mentions. Activists shared images of what they say was a rescue mission.

Activists shared images of what they say was a rescue mission.

Another activist posted the image below thanking everyone who took part in the raid.

Numerous petitions protesting animal testing at the institute surfaced online. The petition below has generated more than 210,000 signatures. Others argued that animal testing can be necessary.

According to Brazilian law, it is legal to perform tests on animals for medical and research purposes. However, laboratories must follow strict regulations and guidelines set by the government for animal testing.

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Protesters clash with police in Brazil after setting free beagles used for medical testing after+setting+free+beagles/9057950/story.html

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