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Animal Protectors' Group offend the memory of blacks and jews

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Animal Protectors' Group offend the memory of blacks and jews

Source: Afropress - Oct 21st 2007 

S. Paulo - Acting under the cover of animal protection, a group of adepts of veganism - a radical sect of vegetarianism that preaches against consumption of every animal product - has offended the memory of both blacks and jews, victims of racism and the nazis.

Its NGO keep a web site called, which contains many photos comparing the holocaust to animal slaying, especially pig slaying; it also sports bizarre and offensive comparisons that hurt the memory of the black race, namely involving the well-known image of Slave Anastácia, a legendary woman who's considered a saint according to popular Brazilian creed. Her image has been put side by side with those of gagged dogs.

This denouncement has come through the NGO called "ABC sem Racismo", which last week (Oct, 11) formally filed a complaint at S. Paulo's Office of the Attorney General, requesting an investigation on charges of racism and encouragement to slavery and the holocaust. That practise may be considered to be racism crime, as stipulated on Law 7.716/89, and regulated through Law 9.459/97, which punish such acts under "practising, inducing or encouraging racial discrimination or any prejudice of race, color, ethny, religion or nationality", stipulating penalties of two to five years in prison, plus the payment of a fine "".

The person in charge for that NGO would be a certain Fábio Paiva, living in the district of Ipiranga, S. Paulo City; he has not been found by Afropress.

Shocking images

The images on that webpage seem to be especially intended to shock the viewer, however its words are not less shocking. Pictures of rows of dead jews killed in Treblinka concentration camp are placed side by side with images of slain pigs. Its caption reads: "What's the difference?"

Regarding Slave Anastácia, the story goes that he was sentenced by a slave owner - due to her refusal to be his mistress - to permanently wear an iron gag, which was only to be removed for eating. This did cause her death due to mistreatment. Her image is presented side by side with those of gagged dogs, long with the caption: "Any similarity is no mere coincidence".

"The subliminal association suggested by Mr. Fábio Paiva, may be deemed odd, perverted and sinister, associating jew holocaust victims to pigs and blacks to dogs. Practises such as these are both degrading and offensive towards history and towards the sense of well-being of the black population, while also tarnish the memory of the victims of the nazi holocaust and their whole families, whether dead or alive, for these are considered crimes against humanity , deserving of universal reprobation and to be put to shame by the whole Brazilian Society"; thus goes the denouncement, signed by newsman Dojival Vieira, the president of the "ABC sem Racismo" NGO.

The denouncment has been addressed to Her Excellency Fernanda Leão, coordinator of the Social Inclusion Group, S. Paulo State's General Attorney Office, requesting the implementation of an administrative lawsuit, along with the adoption of every preventive measure deemed necessary.

Fábio Paiva

Ativista em defesa dos Direitos Animais 

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