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Animal Friendly Carnival February 4, 2008

Dear colleagues

As you may know, Brazilian carnival is one of the most famous festivals in the world, when millions of Brazilians and foreign tourists take part in the celebrations that last 4 days. One of the traditional highlights of carnival is the "Samba Schools Parades" both in Rio and in São Paulo, always an extraordinary visual spectacle. They take place along the purpose-built "sambódromos" and are not just a celebration but also a competition in which the schools are judged according to various artistic criteria, the winning school being announced shortly after the end of carnival.

The reason I am talking about samba school parades is that for the first time ever a samba school will present a completely animal friendly and ecological parade, where each school section will depict a special animal welfare issue, like rodeo, use of fur, wildlife trafficking, stray control etc. Also all adornments usually made of animal products (like feathers) will be replaced by recycled materials.

This is the result of the work of two of our Brazilian member societies, Tribuna Animal and Quintal São Francisco, who joined Imperador do Ipiranga Samba School in São Paulo to promote a carnival that benefits the animals and the environment. About 2.000 people will be parading for a local audience of many thousands and an even broader audience watching on TV.

You are invited to join us on February 4th to take part in the biggest, most colourful and vibrant parade for the animals in the world!

(Please see MS Word document and if possible please publicize it in your websites)

Best wishes


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