I would like, if possible, to send the group a small text about an organization here in Brazil (still small), but Google does not let me. Could you please spread this email in the group and to other friends? I wrote it and there is no virus in it, you can check it. Thank you again.

Today, there are more than 10 million families that have at least one pet (including kitty or puppy) at home, and it's a reason to be very proud. The most part of these people treats them as a member of family, what they really are. Nevertheless, there are still ones, who can't be called people, neither humans, that hates animal and are capable of mistreat and kill these furry creatures. The worst of it is that many times the victim hasn't done anything and the suffering is a cause for happiness to these devils.

Unfortunately, it's not rare when one of these bad guys takes pictures and videos as trophies. These scenes are very sad, but have to be shown to motivate the police and other authorities to take place.

We have omitted the images here because they are very shocking, but they can be viewed at the website below:

This is the website of a Brazilian group that has joined the cause and wants that ones who do not respect the animals been punished.

We are four engineers of USP ( Universidade de S�o Paulo) that don't tolerate this kind of treatment for the animals either, and we believe that if this email was widespread in the world, maybe authorities do something with the responsibles.

So, send this to your friends that could be affected with the cause and together let's make the world a better place to live WITH THE ANIMALS.

If you want to know anything else about these organization and how to help, please send us a reply .

Ending, we would ask you to join us(ALISTE-SE) in our Tropa SKOL, but it's unfortunately just for they who are older than 18. The direct link is:

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