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Worldwide Fur-Free Friday 2010 Sao Paulo Brazil

São Paulo, November 26th – About 50 activists have been complaining against the animal cruelty at Paulista Avenue last Friday morning. They lent their energy and voice to the protest against the fur industry during a contest organized by Holocausto Animal and its partner Worldwide Fur-Free Friday 2010.

 Two activists half-naked stood up for about 3 hours laid down over a white sheet on the sidewalk, like the animals that are brutally scratched. They’ve used red ink to seem blood aside a fur overcoat. People have been consternated about that ‘picture’ – in fact, a lot of them stopped to ask for folders and explanations. In spite of this, many and many folders were distributed by the manifestants during the protest – that was a successful one.

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Fábio Paiva
coordenador geral
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