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Brazilian ARA Isabel

My name is isabel. I live in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Here there are lots of animals that live on the streets, are abused and abandoned everyday! There are people who in an independent way help these animals, rescuing, treating and finding them homes. Most of the time we, Animal Protectors, don't have enough money to cover all veterinary expenses and we go on line to ask for help and donations. This year I created a page on Facebook to help spreading awareness and to ask for help. Please check it out! I am not very familiar with the American way of asking for donations, but we do need help! Ten American dollars can be the difference between life or death to street animals. How do you guys think that is a good way for us to get help from Americans?

During this last month we, Me and my friends Tathi and Claudia, rescued around 22 animals from severe neglect. Almost all we took out of a very poor island close to Porto Alegre, Ilha da Pintada.

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