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Brazilian Biologist Fighting for Chimps

A Brazilian biologist is on a mission to rehabilitate circus chimpanzees, fighting in the courts to get the animals rights and freed to be treated for the trauma inflicted during lives as performers.

Microbiologist Pedro Ynterian’s fascination with chimpanzees dates back to 1999 when he saved a baby chimpanzee from a circus.

As baby chimp Guga grew bigger, Ynterian realized raising him in an apartment was impractical so he took Guga to his family’s farm in Sorocaba, some 60 miles (96.5 km) west of Sao Paulo.

Now 11 years on, the Cuba-born Brazilian has become the president of the Great Ape Project (GAP) International and has transformed his 25 acre (10.1 hectare) family farm into a sanctuary home to 50 chimps rescued from circuses and zoos.

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