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Animal Orgs Are Now Represented in Carnival

First of all has anyone ever or never heard of the Carnival in Rio?  Either way here you can find a slideshow of the greatest show on earth: com/photos/ bossa67/sets/ 7205759411261895 4/

But Rio is not the only city where this show occurs, in fact it happens all over Brazil just before lent (around February) -- and that's where I will start my report.  

I met with a large animal organization which is organizing a big event for the Carnival in Sao Paulo.  The show for the first time in history will embrace the animal cause.  To explain more or less how this works:  Each city has its own show and they include dozens of dancing rows--each with 2000 dancers in costume.   So this year, there will one row dedicated totally to the animal cause, and the title is more or less this:   SAVE THE ANIMALS TO SAVE THE PLANET! 

Two thousand people will be wearing costumes representing different animal causes:  animals used in labs, entertainment, meat, etc. etc.   The only one they had not included was animals used for fur.

They want my help in getting this event disseminated worldwide, so I asked them to include a segment on fur animals, and I was promised they would work on it.  They need to go thru an entire hierarchy of organizers, but I was assured that they would do their best to cover my beloved foxes, little rabbits, and other sweet angels. 

One important factor:   This greatest show on earth has never been anti-cruelty oriented.  They use huge feathers, fur, leather, you name it--they use it.

BUT, this row of dancers will have all the costumes made of cruelty free materials.  I saw the fake feathers -- they are beautiful.  So, we expect this novelty to have a huge impact on people and the media as well.

NOW COMES THE BEST PART:   You too can be in this fabulous show. The costume will cost US $200, and I will be assisting at least with hotel arrangements.  So, if you are planning a exotic vacation next year, this could be one for you.

NEXT, I will be telling you all about the animal sanctuary I may be starting as early as this Fall!  So, hold on to your hats--it is unbelievable!

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