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ARAs condemn Brazil's fur bikini, call for end to industry

LIMA: Animal rights advocates across the globe are condemning the
beginning of what Brazil's fashion industry hopes will become a trend:
fur bikinis. The anger is nowhere stronger than in South America,
where a group of university students in Peru hope to highlight their
anger by going 'fur-less' in protest.

'We are going to go naked down the streets in the near future if these
fur bikinis actually happen because this yet another sign of animal
cruelty in the fashion industry,' Daniela Ogoso told
'We can show off our bodies and don't need to kill and murder for it.'

At the Rio Fashion Show 2012 a few models were strolled out with fur
bikinis, which sparked much attention, including the head of the
International Fur Trade Federation (IFTF) Mark Oaten. he believes that
fur, and its bikini part, can help continue to boost global sales in
fur, much to the anger and disappointment of animal rights activists.

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