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For the fourth consecutive year, the date was celebrated with a public parade of protest, conducted by Veddas (Vegetarianismo �tico, Defesa dos Direitos Animais e Sociedade) group along with Holocausto Animal group, this Sunday, December 6th.

In observance to what is happening in Copenhagen, the theme of the protest in Sao Paulo was the connection between cattle breeding and global warming. According to UN, cattle raising is the main cause of the greenhouse effect, emitting 18% of the greenhouse gases - transports emit just 15%. It does not only affects climate, but it also harms water and soil. 80% of the deforestation in Amazon is due to cattle raising.

Besides leaflets about global warming, the activists distributed leaflets on animal rights (text by Uncaged, translated into Portuguese), going along the main avenue in Sao Paulo, Paulista Avenue. The parade ended at a McDonald's restaurant, with participants saying in chorus: "Put a hamburger on your plate, and the forest becomes pasture".
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Fabio Paiva
coordenador geral

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