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Bulgaria - killing stray dogs

Our NGO is called "Dai lapa" - /"Give me a paw"/ and we work for animal protection in our home town Pernik, Bulgaria. Since 2002 the official policy of the local mayor is to extinguish all stray dogs in the town. The man who personally does this has been one and the same during all those years - Dr. Lyudmil Tzvetkov.

We have been fighting with the local Municipality to stop murdering dogs for many years now. In 2008 a Law for Animal Protection have been passed by Bulgarian Government, in 2009 we managed to sign a 1 year Agreement with the Municipality for running a program for reduction the population of stray dogs. During this period we managed to spay and neuter 720 dogs. The Mayor however was not satisfied by this program and did not continue the Agreement with our NGO. The company which was chosen to run the program for reduction the population of street dogs was the same which had been killing dogs previous years. Many of the dogs we spayed and neutered simply disappeared.

We managed to take 50 of the dogs from the so called shelter and saved them. Almost all of them already are adopted and have their happy homes. Some of the dogs are still with us and we somehow manage to take care of them. We don�t have any budget; donations are small and cannot cover even the expenses for feeding the animals.

We are running out of energy as well but still want to continue our fight against Municipality of Pernik and the Mayor Mrs. Rositsa Yanakieva . We are trying to inform the public about what people she hired are doing with the dogs.
We are just 5 girls; our potential is not huge and we don�t have the chance to win the fight only by ourselves. We are asking for your help. We would like to hire a detective to gather evidences for the murdering of stray dogs. We would appreciate your help to stop this cruelty.

Thank you!

Elitza Eneva!/profile.php?id=100000299149953

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